Dedicated IP vs Shared IP {Understanding the Difference}

Dedicated IP and Shared IP – What’s The Difference?

dedicated ip or shared ip

Confused to buy dedicated IP? Or worried about SSL for your e-commerce website? or snail speed of your website frustrates you? We’ll cover everything, why almost every website owner prefers dedicated hosting. One of the most common questions about web hosting is why it is becoming a necessity. You’ll learn the difference and benefits of both, so you can decide which suits you the most.

Before we go into more details about what both hosting offers, let’s have a look at what is an Internet Protocol (IP) Address.

What’s an IP address?

Internet Protocol (IP) address is a way to locate a computer that is connected to the network. Every device that connects to the internet has a unique internet protocol address.

What is a dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP is only yours. It assigns your domain an IP address that isn’t used by other domains. You can operate different sites from that IP address, and you’re in control of who is using it. You can operate all services running on your device using the exact address. It is important for web hosting providers. They assign a unique address to a single user.

What is a shared IP?

It’s an IP address that is being shared between different websites. It means the address you are using is also assigned to other websites.

What is a dedicated server?

It is a physical server where all the resources are devoted to a single client. When you’re using it, you can have many dedicated addresses on a dedicated server. This can be useful if you have more than one website.

Dedicated Hosting:

It is a web hosting package that provides a dedicated server with dedicated resources to get full access to configure the server.

SSL Certificates:

Do I need dedicated IP for SSL? If this question was asked a few years back, the answer would have been yes, but times have changed. They used to be a need to get an SSL certificate. You can still get an SSL certificate with it, but it’s no longer a necessity. SSL certificate avoids any data theft and guarantees site visitors about data security. It is a must-have if you have an e-commerce store where visitors put sensitive information and data.

Dedicated and Shared IP:

There are many differences between the two. The major differences are very straightforward. A Shared IP address means that several websites are using the same IP. Long story short, it means the IP address is being used by many websites.

Dedicated ip vs shared ip

With the dedicated IP, your website is the only one using that specific address. We at are offering multiple hosting packages at affordable rates.

It is better to compare both by qualities that matter, it will help you to decide what to choose?

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting:

You’ll confront many reasons it is necessary for the success of our site. Let us know why do I need a dedicated IP?

It’s not perfect for every website, it could be beneficial for your site if you think, the benefits below are worth it.

  • Website access:

You can gain direct access to your website without having to change DNS settings for the domain.

  • Some Apps Need It:

If you’re using shared IP, make sure that the app you want to use does not need dedicated hosting.

  • Potential SEO benefits:

There are no proofs that it can impact SEO. Some people believe that it can improve your website’s google ranking but the debate is still on.

  • Higher Server Control:

You can operate your own IP based server. Using it makes sense when you want to get this level of control and freedom for your website.

  • Lesser Downtime:

IP addresses keep refreshing. When they refresh, there are chances that you will experience downtime. You can hinder lesser downtime by using dedicated hosting.

  • Protection From Other Websites:

You don’t have to worry about other websites. Activities like spamming can’t affect the performance of your website.

  • Site Loading Speed:

It can help you increase your website’s speed, even if your website has high traffic.

  • Reputation:

One bad website can affect your site too. Dedicated addresses handle their domain’s reputation. Actions of other domains will not penalize your IP.

  • Visit Your Site Before Launching:

You can visit your website before publishing without dealing with a dashboard preview.

  • Option Of More Than One Domain:

You can get multiple domains on a single dedicated hosting.


  • Volume Spikes;

When there are spikes in email volume, then the outcome can be negative. You have to manage your spikes with care.

  • Availability:

They are not always available on your favored hosting service. You’ll have to switch the hosting provider If the service isn’t available on your desired hosting. The best advice is to find a provider before building a website. You can get this valuable resource at

  • Higher Cost:

It is more expensive than shared hosting, budget-friendly options are available on

  • Low Volume Situations:

You need to warm up your address with lots of emails. If you’re sending fewer emails, it’d be difficult for ISP to consider you a trustworthy source.

 Pros of Shared IPs:

Most owners of websites start their journey with shared IPs, they can be an excellent choice for small domains.

  • Cheaper:

One of the major reasons people prefer shared hosting is that they’re cheaper. When you’re starting your website, it’s more financially possible to use a shared IP.

  • Easy to Use:

It’s very easy to use shared hosting. It comes with pre-installed or clicks to install the software. You’ll also have access to tools like WordPress and other website builders.

  • Reputation of Other Domains:

New or small domains can get an advantage over other well-regarded domains’ reputation.

Disadvantages of Shared IP address :

Many people are okay with it, but it’s good to understand some downfalls of shared hosting. The downside of sharing an IP is not only sharing the address but also reputation and capability.

  • A problem on another website using the same IP can lead to difficulties in your package.
  • Difficult to control email spoofing.
  • Slower load times make visitors of your website run away.
  • You can not update your website quickly using a browser.
  • Risk of loss of reputation If other email senders implement bad practices.


Closing thoughts:

Now you better understand what dedicated IP is and what benefits it can bring to your website.

You have a better idea about the differences between both now, you can choose the right hosting package for your website. You might not want to upgrade to the dedicated hosting while your site is new and has low traffic.

If you want to have more speed, improved security and direct access to your website, It might be a better option to invest in dedicated hosting.

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