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Transfer Your Domain

Domain transfer occurs when your current hosting and domain provider aren’t offering services they have claimed for. Furthermore, you may need to improve the customer experience because of frequent errors. BlueBini will help you to transfer the domain with ease.

.com $11.95

.net $15.95

.org $14.95

.biz $18.95

.info $3.95

What to Consider to Transfer Domain?

Here are important things that you must note while transferring your domain from one domain registrar to another.


All domain providers come with their own set of features which they claim to be a special one. The most prominent features may include web hosting, privacy protection, and email. Moreover, if your current domain provider isn’t offering all features then you might need to change it. You must check how features are priced and implement:

  • Price: Will you need to pay extra for features or they’re included with the package?
  • Convenience To Use: Are features easy to implement? Is your domain provider offering tools for easy domain management?
  • Support: is 24/7 support available to help you?


To transfer a domain, you need to review the domain packages and buy the one that matches your business needs. Most domain registrars may require extra money for services. Some domain providers offer free services for the first time and they charge high renewal rates after the first year.

Therefore, it’s always suggested to review the pros and cons of every domain provider before transferring your domain.

How to transfer a domain?

If you’re willing to transfer your domain to BlueBini then certain protocols must be met. Follow these steps to transfer your domain to BlueBini:

Verify that your domain name is eligible to transfer:

  • For verification, you need to sign in to your current domain provider. Make sure, your domain has more than 60 days to expire.
  • Your domain must not be on hold with your current domain provider.


Prepare your domain to transfer:

  • Unlock domain and remove the domain provider lock that was added for added security
  • Get the EPP/Auth code from your current domain provider.


Note: the EPP/Auth code is needed for all TLDs including .com, .org, .net, and others.

Submit Transfer Through BlueBini Account:

  • Login in to your BlueBini account and select domain.
  • From the menu, select Transfer.
  • Enter your domain and then click on Transfer.
  • Make sure, your domain is ready to transfer and add the EPP code respectively.
  • Click the “Add to Cart” button and then click on “Confirm Order.”


You’ll be informed about your domain transfer. BlueBini support will send you an email mentioning the time to transfer the domain along with domain status. To check your transfer status, go to the domain list and then click on Filters and then Pending Transfer.

Feel free to get in touch with us to transfer the domain from your current domain provider.