Looking for safe and secure email hosting?

BlueBini has been working for years to offer simple and secure web-based email hosting combined with lightweight and fast user interfaces.

BlueBini also helps you to manage your contacts and emails professionally.  With the best of the best feature, we’re recognized as leading email hosting providers over the internet. We’re a reputable service provider that claims to offer:

Secure Webmail:

We offer web-based access secure email accounts that incubate a large variety of award-winning features such as contacts, a portal, and a calendar to customize your information.

Storage Drive:

BlueBini offers cloud-based storage to help its clients in saving, sharing, synchronizing pictures, documents, videos, and other important media files. Furthermore, you can also edit files and share them with contacts. We also help you in reviewing edit histories and all file versions.


The email portal is more like a customizable information center that allows you to see scheduled appointments, check new messages, news from your social contact, and mailbox quota.

Spam Protection:

Our very own advanced mail account protection is ensured by Spam Experts that offers a perfect solution to protect your email from spam and phishing. Our Spam Experts solution re-enforces a powerful anti-virus system along with a powerful anti-spam filter for the utmost protection.


Get access to Excel documents online easily. You can edit Excel files, save them, and share them with your contacts without losing properties or formatting.

User-Friendly Support:

BlueBini’s user-friendly support team is always there to offer you a more generous solution to your problems anytime in the day. With perfect expertise and knowledge, our support team will answer your questions and clear your mind.

Collaboration Tools:

The collaboration tools include contacts, calendars, files, and tasks to organize information perfectly. These tools also help you to collaborate with your circle or team.