Security For All

Security is so important now a days because having a business website isn’t about opening an online store and leaving it as it’s. Protecting your website is also important for a successful business. BlueBini offers top-notch website security to ensure your website fights well against external threats.

As the internet is both good and bad places, protection is important for your brand and customer.  We help in improving your website’s security by offering two significant security channels including SSL certificates and WhoisGuard. SSL certificates protect your website’s visitors/customers while WhoisGuard is to protect you.


BlueBini’s WhoisGuard privacy protection service protects the owners’ contact information from the public WhoIs database. We offer affordable website protection packages.

Premium DNS:

We know the importance of secure DNS servers; therefore, BlueBini ensures 99.99% DNS uptime. Our technical team offers 24/7 support to keep your business running most of the time.

SSL Certificates:

Website protection is very important to keep your business processes smooth. SSL certificates help you in protecting the identity of your customers or website visitors. We offer a lot of SSL products to ensure the utmost website security.

Why BlueBini?

Website Protection:

We offer two-factor authentication to help domain owners in securing their accounts. The WhoisGuard is a plus for you.

24/7 Support:

BlueBini strives to offer 24/7 support to its customers and helps them in resolving their issues. Knowledgeable and customer-friendly support knows everything to relieve your stress.

Privacy Protection:

Protecting the website owner’s and visitor’s personal data is of utmost priority. We keep your location and other personal data from identity theft.