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Email Security

SMEs (Small To Medium Enterprises) are often vulnerable to phishing attacks when they ignore security protocols. Being a reputed website hosting provider, we make every effort to make your emails safe by providing email security hosting service.

We implement all award winning techniques to offer the highest level of email security to businesses. We prevent spam, malware, and phishing attacks from intruding into your system. Our system highlights if someone sends you a harmful email to breach your business system.

BlueBini offers reliable, secure, efficient, and effective email hosting that is specially designed for both businesses and individuals. To protect your email, you just need to buy the most suitable email hosting plan for you.

What BlueBini Offers?

Ensure Mail Delivery and Prevent Spoofing (SPF):

BlueBini makes every effort to protect your businesses against forged emails and keep your business email secure. Our system ensures that malicious messages are being marked as spam. We implement the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), an email authentication method to specify authorized mail servers for sending emails for your business.

BlueBini prevents spammers from sending fake emails to your customers using your domain name. This helps us in preventing malicious emails from breaching our customer’s sensitive data. We also ensure that your business emails are delivered to your customer’s inbox rather than spam.

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM):

To make your business chat more secure, we use DomanKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) standard to prevent spoofing on messages that are sent from your domain. DKIM helps us in adding an encrypted signature in the header of all messages and ensuring that message remains the same on its way to your customer’s inbox.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC):

BlueBini implements the standard email authentication method such as DMARC to prevents hackers and spoofers from using your organization’s name for sending malicious emails to your customers. With DMARC integration, our email security system request reports from mail servers that get messages from your domain or business.  This also helps you in identifying all types of malicious activities that are triggered by your domain.

PTR Records:

Some anti-spam filters require reverse DNS to verify the domain name of email addresses along with IP addresses to ensure the email security. Therefore, we use Pointer Record (PTR record) to support anti-spam filters and help you in delivering email delivery issues on time